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A good signaling service should keep you up-to-date at all times, providing you with the latest signals. All signals are based on complex mathematical technical analysis for Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance and Kucoin.
Make use of the profitable market of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Groestlcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, NEO, Monero, BitConnect and many more, in order to create real profits on a daily basis for YOU. The right information at the right time is worth gold, or al lot of bitcoins... So use those informations to get your profits!
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Why MiningHamster signals?

  • One subscription model for all.

    We do not offer free subscriptions with weak signals just to make sure you get a premium subscription. Good signals or none at all - no compromise!
  • More than 210893 buy signals with an average profit of 1,004.43%

    After a period of maximum 48h (BTC,ETH,BNB,USDT,USDT,USD,TUSD,PAX,XRP)
  • Live Monitoring

    The price of cryptocurrencies can change quickly. Long-term forecasts in the crypto market are uncertain and based on price observations of traditional exchanges. Therefore, we respond directly to the market based on experience after thousands of signals.
  • Ready to connect with trading bots

    Connect your account with Le-Trader, Cryptohopper or Zignaly (please note the requirements of the respective bots)


in the last 7 days (after 48h max.)

Exchange Signaltime (UTC) Market Profit %
2023-05-20 02:36:45 USDT-GEKE +443.48%
2023-05-23 03:35:43 USDT-WAGMI +273.83%
2023-05-24 03:02:42 USDT-WAGMI +247.22%
2023-05-24 10:06:44 USDT-WAGMI +227.87%
2023-05-23 13:34:42 USDT-WAGMI +225.47%
2023-05-23 21:31:42 USDT-WAGMI +223.89%
2023-05-24 12:35:43 USDT-WAGMI +220.00%
2023-05-21 07:16:45 USDT-NUM +204.15%
2023-05-24 08:10:45 USDT-OPEPE +188.27%
2023-05-24 15:55:52 USDT-HARRY +155.42%
Results calculated up to a maximum of 48 hours after signaltime.
Looks good, right? ! You are interested to make the most profit? It depends on you. Sign up today and get your latest signals!


in the last 7 days

Exchange Selltime (UTC) after Market Profit %
2023-05-26 23:50:45 73 hours, 58 min. USDT-LOGT +106.47%
2023-05-26 23:50:19 71 hours, 26 min. USDT-LOGT +103.48%
2023-05-26 23:51:09 77 hours, 7 min. USDT-LOGT +102.31%
2023-05-24 15:18:42 5 hours, 11 min. USDT-WAGMI +100.00%
2023-05-22 22:17:45 6 hours, 15 min. USDT-WAGMI +100.00%
2023-05-24 15:19:33 17 hours, 47 min. USDT-WAGMI +100.00%
2023-05-22 22:18:11 15 hours, 3 min. USDT-WAGMI +100.00%
2023-05-24 15:20:50 39 hours, 8 min. USDT-WAGMI +100.00%
2023-05-24 15:19:09 12 hours, 16 min. USDT-WAGMI +100.00%
2023-05-24 15:20:22 35 hours, 44 min. USDT-WAGMI +100.00%
Looks good, right? ! You are interested to make the most profit? It depends on you. Sign up today and get your latest signals!

Receive signals when it's the best time to buy

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MiningHamster Signals is a service that monitors crypto markets and notifies you when a crypto asset gets unusual amount of market action.

We are monitoring all cryptos, calculate the chance for profit and when a signal appears we inform you directly via telegram. You can also include the signals in your trading bot.

Crypto exchange signals

Signals for Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance and Kucoin

We send you the best trading signals of all important crypto currencies for Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance and Kucoin. Receive it with telegram or connect to a crypto trading bot.

Statistics and calculator

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You can see all statistics and calculate your target profit from past signals. You want to know what's the average profit from an exchange, market or in the last week? Calculate it, easy!

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Get the latest signals directly to your telegram messenger. You decide when you buy and sell!

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Connect an automated trading bot with Mininghamster Signals and you can relax and watch!

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