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Cryptohopper Trading Bot




Cryptohopper is an automated crypto trader bot that makes profit for you, so you can focus on the important things in life. Investing in crypto currencies has never been easier.
Exchanges with MH Signals: Bittrex, Poloniex
Price/month: $ 19.00/ $ 49.00 / $ 99.00 (only for bot)

Information about MiningHamster Signals integration

How to connect: You must have an active subscription on Cryptohopper and subscribe to MiningHamster Signals THROUGH the Cryptohopper Interface.

Note: You need a subscription directly on Cryptohopper to use our signals with Cryptohopper trading bot. You subscribe DIRECTLY at Cryptohopper to our service.
If you want to see the history on our site, you want to use our telegram signals or API Access you need an EXTRA subscription on our website. Currently there is no way to use all together. The signal settings on the MiningHamster Signals interface in your profile only work for the API Output. You don't need it for using with Cryptohopper.
If you want to create your own setting you must use it on the Cryptohopper interface. Our Api-Key don't work for Cryptohopper, you DON'T need it!

We send our signals in the same second they appear to Cryptohopper, without the signal price. Sometimes, due to a delay of a few seconds, our price may not match the price in your Cryptohopper interface!

For any questions about Cryptohopper and our signals, please aks their support, check their forum or open a ticket at Cryptohopper. We can not give you any support on using Cryptohopper. Thank you for your understanding!