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Your self coded trading Bot


Your self coded Bot

If you are a developer yourself and have programmed your own trading bot, you can use our interface directly.
Exchanges with MH Signals: Available: Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance
Price/month: Developer subscription or single user licence
Type: Multi user or single user Bot

Information about MiningHamster Signals integration

Decide first how to use your bot! You have two options. Of course we require sufficient knowledge in programming!

1. Your multi user Bot

Note: You must have an active developer subscription ON OUR WEBSITE to have access to the BOT Settings.

1.1 What you need?:

Insert our script to your bot. (check script in your bot settings with active developer subscription)

1.2 What your customers need?:

Your customers must subscribe to our signals on OUR site.
Each of your users needs a subscription on our website. After the subscription has been completed everyone gets their own individual API key. This key can be used by the user in your bot to check the validation of the subscription.

We send you our signals directly to YOUR API without any usersettings.


Build your script, like the example below and enter your script-url in your profile to your BOT settings (developer subscription needed). We send you the signals directly to this script and to your database.

1.4 Simple PHP example to get our signals and save it to your database:

if ($_GET['bot_licencekey'] == "YOURBOTLICENCEKEY")
	$sql = "INSERT INTO signals_import (signal_id,signalmode,market,exchange,price,basevol,signal_time,signals_qty,profit_avg,profit_median,profit_mode,profit_mode_qty)

1.5 Build a condition to your bot to check

Before submitting a signal to any of your customers, you need to check if your customers have added your BOT-customerkey to their MH profile.
After your customers added their personal API-Key to your bot account you can check if they have added your BOT-customerkey to their profile.

Note: This is recommended to calculate your commission. It is in your interest to check this and not to deliver signals to the customer. Please make sure that your customer enters your bot customerkey in his MH profile, so that we can calculate this correctly for your commission
For that you should build a condition in your bot to check this and make the signals available only to customers who have performed this condition.

Manual check

If all is correct you see your BOT-customerkey"thekeyfromyourcustomer"

Automated check

Include the following script to your bot and you get a true or false value. If your customer has enterer your bot customerkey correctly you will get a TRUE result. If your customer has not entered your bot customerkey you get a FALSE result. mh_customercheck.php (script to check automated with your bot)
$apikeyfromcustomer = "APIKEYFROMCUSTOMER";

$api = "$apikeyfromcustomer";
$json = file_get_contents($api);
$data_check = json_decode($json, TRUE); 

if ($data_check[0]['key'] == "YOURBOTCUSTOMERKEY") 
	$success = "true";
	$success = "false";
	echo $success;

2. Your single user Bot

Note: Only for single user bots. If you use your subscription with more then one user, we allow us to deactivate your account immediately.

2.1 Information

After the subscription has been completed you get your own individual API key.
This key can be used in your bot to connect to our api interface. That means, YOUR bot actively calls our interface at certain intervals and checks the signals. When a new signal appears, you need to make it available to your bot and your bot should trade with them.


You must call the following url with your key and you get a json output that you can save to your database
Note: Your bot should call the API interface every few seconds and respond quickly.
More information about the API you will find HERE