Date Version Change
2018-03-21 1.3.1 Improve API access time
Due to the fact that several queries have to be made during an API call (eg API-Key, Output-Exchange, BTC-Volume, Blacklist, BTC Price Stop, etc.) it was optionally introduced that all settings should be ignored.
This setting can be activated in the Settings menu. This additionally reduces the access time by a few percent.
Please note: If the settings are deactivated, all settings are ignored and all signals are delivered.
In addition, the order of the processing processes was changed and the caching function was prioritized.
This makes it possible to reduce the response time to 1-2 seconds, which is a natural realistic delay time.
2018-03-16 1.3 API V2
We have fundamentally changed the API and caching feature. As of now, the previous API is no longer available. Due to enormous traffic, this was necessary and there is no access to the database more. This reduces the access time to the interface by about 50%
2018-02-03 1.2.5 Optimized and faster caching system for API Interface.
2018-01-06 1.2.3 New usersettings: BTC/Market Volume, Blacklist, BTC Price control.
2017-12-20 1.2.2 Poloniex crypto exchange has been added and will be monitored immediately.
It will also show a new line in the API Output with the stock exchange. If you do not need all crypto exchanges you have to filter them now.
2017-12-04 1.2.1 New payment currency added: Vertcoin.
Detailed statistics by period and profitchance added
2017-11-27 1.2.0 New website and customer menu for API-Key and Telegram connection
2017-11-26 1.1.5 Including subscription and payment methods with BTC,BCC,LTC and Dash
2017-11-19 1.1.4 Added Anti price manipulation filter (APM)
2017-11-18 1.1.3 Added signal statistics
2017-11-17 1.1.2 Removed calculation mode RUSH 2
2017-11-16 1.1.1 Improved signal history performance
2017-11-14 1.1.0 Improved calculation performance speed
2017-11-13 1.0.1 Removed calculation mode RUSH 1, RUSH 3
2017-11-12 1.0.0 Added Blacklist for Coins that are not made to trade