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Affiliate program

Join the MiningHamster affiliate program and start making money on your site or blog right away!

Earn Money

Every time your visitors click your personal MiningHamster Affiliate Code (Link or Banner) and make a qualifying purchase, you earn a commission of 20%.
You can embed your personal referral link or banner on your website, in forums or any other website.
Associate your site with the worlds most successful trading signaler.
Start now and become a MiningHamster affiliate partner.

And yes, its free!

Hot it works?

Quite simply - If you are new to MiningHamster, Sign up ,click on the Referral program tab in your account and use the link shown here, or best, you use one (or more) of the displayed banners.
Place the link or banner so that it is also seen. The more people click on it, the higher the chance that they will complete a subscription.

Example of the referall link	
Example of the referall Banner (970x250)

On the Referral programm page you can also see your current clicks and your payouts.
Example of your click/payout statistics.

Affiliate FAQ's

We monitor all clicks generated by the link or banner for a period of 30 days.
Referrals are eligible for payout once their accrued revenue balance reaches $50.
If you do not make over $50 in a given month, the amount made will continue rolling over to the next month until the minimum threshold is met.
Payment will be made on the last day of the month.