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Do you have questions?

then we hope that helps you

Before contacting our support, just read questions below.
Maybe it can answer your questions.
Please note that due to the huge interest we can not answer all questions immediately.
Please also note that we can not and will not answer questions about the operation of an external trading bot.

Thank you for your understanding

Currently you receive signals for the following crypto exchanges:
- Bittrex
- Poloniex
- Binance
- Kucoin
Unless you have a subscription via an external TradingBot, you will receive signals about:
- Telegram Messenger
- API interface
For the API output you have various settings.
You can select if you do not want to get certain markets (blacklist),
activate an automatic stop of the signals as soon as the BTC price increase is too high
or only receive signals where the volume of the market is higher than desired.
Note: This settings only work for the API-output and the bot who receive it via the API (not Cryptohopper)
You have the choice of several subscription options (1 month, 3 months or 6 months).
You can see the current status of your subscription in your profile.
After your subscription has expired, it will NOT be renewed automatically.
Please note that your transaction takes different times depending on the currency.
After the successful payment, your subscription will be automatically created and you will see it in your profile. (You may need to re-enter your profile.)
If your subscription is not activated within 15 minutes of confirmation, you may have transferred the wrong amount.
Please note that every crytotransaction includes fees. You have to add these to the subscription price. MiningHamster Signals does not receive these fees. These go exclusively to the cryptocoin network.
Send us an email to with the following information:
1. TransactionID
2. The amount you have transferred
3. Your e-mail address of the MH account.
Your subscription expires automatically when the previously completed package expires. Only after expiration you get the possibility to conclude a new subscription.
If you prefer a seamless transition, send us an e-mail.
Then we can send you the correct address and the current amount in the currency of your choice.
API Output
  • In your profile you will see the last signal you called (time, market, exchange)
  • You can call your output manually by clicking on the button
Your last displayed signal depends on your API settings
Please check first:
  • Do you have the market on your blacklist?
  • Is your market volume set higher than the last signal?
  • Did you activate a BTC price stop and the BTC price increase was higher at the time of the signal?
  • Is the market of the last signal different than in your settings?
Please note that currently a time limit of 2 seconds is activated. That means you can not complete the API call within 2 seconds.
Telegram messenger
First, download the Telegram Messenger app for your smartphone ( details)
  • After completing your subscription, you will have access to the respective Telegram channels for the various exchanges.
  • Click on the respective button to connect to the channel
Please note that this may only be possible via smartphone!
You can only reach the channel via your profile.
A passive trading bot manages your MiningHamster subscription itself. Therefore, MiningHamster Signals does not have access to this customer data and we can not determine who has signed up for a subscription.
Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to give you access to the paid telegram channel.
If you also want to receive signals via telegram in this case, as well as access to the current signal history, you must complete an additional MiningHamster signal subscription directly from us.
History / Latest signals
We automatically note the highest value the signal has reached after certain periods.
  • +30min Max means that this was the highest price the signal has reached in the first 30 minutes.
  • +1h Max means that this was the highest price the signal has reached in the first 60 minutes.
Because this is essential for your targeting. Therefore, only the highest measured price is displayed and not the lowest!
The SL value is crucial if you use a stop loss. This is the lowest value the signal has reached. If you use a Stop Loss, please take note of these values to optimize your settings and do not sell too early.
This indicator displays the current risk level of the market. (1 = very low risk, 5 = high risk). The risk level does not necessarily mean that this signal will not be expected to yield high profits. If high price fluctuations, pump and dumps and many other negative factors have accumulated in the past, this has a negative impact on the risk level. This is just an indication, based on the last 60 days and no guarantee how this market will behave in the future.
Trading Bots
HERE you can find trading bots to use our signals.
In addition to your MiningHamster signal subscription, you will also need a subscription to the respective trading bot.
Please note that each bot offers a different signal connection system. For details, see BOTS. We distinguish between ACTIVE and PASSIVE trading bots. The difference in this is the signal connection, as well as the subscription model.
  • ACTIVE. The Trading Bot is actively accessing your MH Signals API key. All settings in MH Interface affect the result of the signal you receive. In addition, the signal price will be handed over by us.
    For this you need your MH API-Key, as well as a subscription directly from us.
  • PASSIVE . The signal is passed to the trading bot with no signal price. You need a MiningHamster signal subscription directly to the respective trading bot.
Every trading bot has its advantages. Look at the interface, the description and the community and decide for yourself!