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API Settings

Information: All settings and additional features are available for subscribers only.

MH signals offers you different settings and you can decide for yourself which signals you want to receive

Settings ON/OFF

First of all you can decide if you want to use settings at all or not.
This is especially critical for API output and use with a bot, as many users of course want to receive the signals without any delay.
Delays can have several causes, eg. Internet connection, geographical distance of the server, reaction time of the Exchange API and of course various calculations and conditions in the API output. To minimize this, it is possible to disable the settings. So you get all the signals unfiltered, but may save a few milliseconds.

Output Mode

With this setting, you can regulate if you want to receive buy or sell signals, or both.

For example: If a specific price behavior takes place, we use our trailing stop loss calculation to calculate a sell signal for the matching buy signal with at least 2.5% profit
(based on the price of the buy signal).

Output Exchanges

With this setting you can choose the Exchanges you want to get in the API.
For example: If you only use Bittrex, you should only select Bittrex here.
Under certain circumstances, signals of one coin may occur at the exact same time for several exchanges.

Thus, you can prevent the bot from "overlooking" an important signal for you.

Output Markets

Here you can choose the market you want to trade for.
This setting only gives you selected markets.
If you eg. Only want to trade with BTC, you should only select BTC here.

If you want to get all markets choose "all".

Output Volume

You only want to receive signals for larger base coins? With this setting, you can filter your output so as not to get coins with smaller volumes.
Coins with a smaller volume have greater volatility, making them more susceptible to faster price increases as well as price drops.

Please note that this setting is valid for all selected markets.

BTC price rise stop

You can set a signal stop for security if the BTC price increase reaches a critical level within a period of time.
This is advantageous because it usually lowers Altcoin prices.
You can set the price increase in %, as well as the period. If these values are exceeded, you will receive no signal in your output.