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Telegram Settings

Information: All settings and additional features are available for subscribers only.

1. The client

First of all, you have to download the APP from the respective APP Store and create an account

Descargue la aplicación Telegram para su dispositivo
Download on Itunes
Download on Google Play

2. How to connect

After installing the APP, go to your MiningHamster profile , select the tab TELEGRAM and click on CONNECT NOW.

Please note: We recommend that you do this on your smartphone as it may not work in the web version (browser dependent).

3. Activate

After clicking on CONNECT NOW you will be redirected to the Telegram Bot site.
On your smartphone, you should now click SEND MESSAGE. (in the browser OPEN IN WEB)
Then click the START BUTTON.

Your Telegram Bot is now connected to your Mininghamster signals account

Please note: After clicking on START,it can take a maximum of a minute before your new status is visible in your profile. You must refresh your profile to check your new status.


MH signals offers you different settings and you can decide for yourself which signals you want to receive.
You can select in your profile under the tab SETTINGS for which exchanges and markets you would like to receive signals in your telegram bot.
You can also choose the base volume for your signals. You only want to receive signals for larger base coins? With this setting, you can filter your output so as not to get coins with smaller volumes. Coins with a smaller volume have greater volatility, making them more susceptible to faster price increases as well as price drops. Please note that this setting is valid for all selected markets.