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Latest MiningHamster Signals News

API Core update

Lately, there have been some difficulties in calling the API interface. Previously, the logic was that the API receives the current signal only during continuous calls. This partly led to questions ... 1170 views


if you use our API interface, please change your path to the new adress. Details under: API 2853 views

API Maintenance

Due to maintenance work on our API interface, this will not be available until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. 1995 views

BTC Price control

We now monitor the current BTC price. You can set a limit on how high the BTC price may go in a period, because Altcoins sink when BTC rises rapidly. Depending on your setting, no signal will be ... 2146 views

New API output selections

Now you can make optional settings for your Api output. Choose the market volume in BTC, create a blacklist for markets you do not want to export or define the Exchange. It's up to you! 1991 views