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Hacker attack on cyber exchange Coinrail

A new hacker attack on a cryptocurrency trading platform unsettled investors on Monday.The course of Bitcoin temporarily dropped by 13 percent to a two-month low of $ 6650. At the beginning of the ... 266002 views

The damned 6th of the month

The Bitcoin series was impressive and scary at the same time. The orange arrows in the logarithmic 1-day chart mark the highs and lows that Bitcoin marked on the 6th of EACH ... 266375 views

Yes, Bitcoin has packed the $ 7,700. But how? Very thin ice!

That was a perfectly staged drama. Arrived at the upper boundary of the green downstream channel, there was a decent pump for the Bitcoin, which led him out of the downlink channel and directly ... 265949 views

What if the Bitcoin does not grab the 7,700 USD mark?

As can be seen on the right-hand logarithmic 2-hour chart, the Bitcoin after its reversal has run up in an upward channel (black lines) to the upper limit of the small green downstream channel ... 266383 views

The bitcoin rises, but it leaves no impression of strength.

That's not the fierce reversal that many had hoped for from Bitcoin when it bounced off the black, thick, uptrend trendline featured in the left-leaning logarithmic 1-day chart two days ... 265933 views

Great bitcoin bullish reaction to $ 7,000 support.

At 3:00 pm last night, the Bitcoin hit $ 7,040  on its way down.

Well, there was always talk of an area around the 7,000 USD. After that, the Bitcoin and along with it all the ... 266334 views