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News & current information

API Core update


Lately, there have been some difficulties in calling the API interface. Previously, the logic was that the API receives the current signal only during continuous calls. This partly led to questions why the API did not show a current signal (depending on the user settings). Mostly it was because the users did not call the API all the time, but stopped while appropriate signals appeared. We have changed this now and the API outputs the signals faster. From now on the usersettings react faster and the output is always the last signal. (depending on the usersettings).

Additional changes:

  • The API output now contains the unique signal ID.
  • The signal mode value, which was previously only "rise", will soon be replaced with buy for regular signals and sell for the new sell signals. To match the sell signals to the buy signals, you should use the unique signal ID.
How Sell Signals work:
Pre-announcement: Sell signals (2)