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New individual Telegram Channel


We are changing the functionality of our signal telegram channels. So far there is a separate channel for each exchange, but you could not customize your signal for Telegram individually.
Individually means, you can decide for yourself which signals you would like to receive.

From now on you can use the following settings for Telegram in your profile.


Select the exchanges for which you want to receive signals by telegram. You only get signals from selected exchanges.


Select the market (BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB). You only receive signals from selected markets


You can choose the market volume. eg. only signals with more than 100 BTC (or ETH, ...). You will not receive any signals from lower volume coins.

Please note that from 2018-06-25 we will no longer send any signals to the previous telegram channels. In addition, we explicitly inform all users via telegram about it!