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Sell Signals


From now on also optional sell signals will be sent. To activate sell signals you have to activate the API output mode sell in your settings. In addition for those who also use telegram signals, the output mode can also be set to sell in your telegram settings.

API Sell signals

The structure of the sell signals is identical to the buy signals, the only difference is the signal mode buy or sell.

Note: the previous signal mode rise, volume and highrising are thus outdated.

BOT (Push) sell signal

Sell signals are also sent to our BOT users. Please note the signal mode as well as the signal ID to match the buy signals with the sell signals. If you only want to use buy signals, please filter the signals according to signal mode.

Latest signals

On the latest signals page you can see the generated Sell signals in the sell column. By clicking on it you can see some information about this buy/sell matching. You can access this information via the Telegram Sell signal by clicking on the signal ID.

How it works

Each buy signal is sent with a unique signal ID. (eg. bin_1234567890 for a Binance signal). We use our trailing stop-loss (TSL) logic to calculate a sell signal and automatically send a sell signal with the same signal-id. This allows you to match the sell signal to the correct buy signal.
How Sell signals are calculated: Pre-announcement: Sell signals (2)

Facts for sell signals

  • Initial calculation only takes place with at least 1% profit. This means that below 1% no sell signal calculation process is executed.
  • Depending on the current price behavior, the TSL is updated and if the price drops below a certain limit, the sell signal is triggered.
  • Sell signal calculation is currently running for a maximum of 5 days. This means that a sell signal, if not previously triggered, can be sent for a maximum of 5 days after the generation of the buy signal.
  • No sell signal is generated below 2.5% profit. This means that no sell signal will be sent below 2.5% profit from the buy price.
  • The sell signal price can be below the actual maximum profit. That means if the price drops during a TSL process, a sell signal is generated with eg. 5.5% profit as the price drops below the TSL limit. However, if the price rises again a few hours later, and the sell signal has already been generated, it is not possible to generate another sell signal.
    Therefore, it is possible that a sell signal was sent with 5.5% profit, but the price can subsequently rise to a maximum of eg. 12% profit.
  • Depending on the price trend, it is possible that not every buy signal that has reached at least 1% profit will generate a sell signal.

  • Crypto-PHP users can use this new feature with the December update of the Bots.
    We hope this new feature increases your profits and wishes you success in Altcoin Trading.