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The damned 6th of the month


The Bitcoin series was impressive and scary at the same time. The orange arrows in the logarithmic 1-day chart mark the highs and lows that Bitcoin marked on the 6th of EACH month.

Coincidence or intended?

Why always on this exact date?

The answer. Nothing. But nothing at all. The Bitcoin is expected to close slightly in the plus.

We do not know it. What we do know is that the entire Bitcoin market is regulated by the big players. Too much evidence condenses that a few regulate the market systematically.

The last few days the market is moving sideways and from time to time very strange things can not happen to the majority of Bitcoin traders. We remember that 5% of all Bitcoin owners own almost 95% of all Bitcoins. Now, looking at the pump and dump of today, you can see that this can only have one cause. The big players have struck again.

But as long as the big ones buy vigorously from time to time, the remaining 95% also have some of it. The key is to resell in time before the big 5% do it.