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Latest MiningHamster Signals News

Hacker attack on cyber exchange Coinrail

A new hacker attack on a cryptocurrency trading platform unsettled investors on Monday.The course of Bitcoin temporarily dropped by 13 percent to a two-month low of $ 6650. At the beginning of the ... 95 views

The damned 6th of the month

The Bitcoin series was impressive and scary at the same time. The orange arrows in the logarithmic 1-day chart mark the highs and lows that Bitcoin marked on the 6th of EACH ... 438 views

Yes, Bitcoin has packed the $ 7,700. But how? Very thin ice!

That was a perfectly staged drama. Arrived at the upper boundary of the green downstream channel, there was a decent pump for the Bitcoin, which led him out of the downlink channel and directly ... 134 views

What if the Bitcoin does not grab the 7,700 USD mark?

As can be seen on the right-hand logarithmic 2-hour chart, the Bitcoin after its reversal has run up in an upward channel (black lines) to the upper limit of the small green downstream channel ... 461 views

The bitcoin rises, but it leaves no impression of strength.

That's not the fierce reversal that many had hoped for from Bitcoin when it bounced off the black, thick, uptrend trendline featured in the left-leaning logarithmic 1-day chart two days ... 1033 views

Great bitcoin bullish reaction to $ 7,000 support.

At 3:00 pm last night, the Bitcoin hit $ 7,040  on its way down.

Well, there was always talk of an area around the 7,000 USD. After that, the Bitcoin and along with it all the ... 1396 views

Kucoin Telegram Channel

We now have a kucoin channel for you to receive the signals if you want.
You can find this as usual in your account in the tab Telegram.
Thus, you now have the opportunity to receive our ... 452 views

Telegram down

Official Twitter Message from Telegram
Repairs are ongoing after a massive power outage in the Amsterdam region that affected many services. Telegram users in Europe, MENA, Russia and the CIS are ... 725 views

Support Email issues

We had a small problem with email reception in recent days. For this reason, some inquiries about the contact form were lost. If you contacted us via the contact form, we ask you to inform us again. ... 470 views

New Exchange KUCOIN

We have added the exchange KUCOIN to our signals.Now we are monitoring about 296 Markets on Kucoin and are sending the signals to the API and also to external Bots (if needed and supported) ! Kucoin ... 2910 views

MH Discord channel

Here we go. Join our discord channel if you have questions or talk to other customers.
From now on, you can chat with the community on Discord. Ask your questions or help others. We look forward ... 535 views

New servers

We are proud to announce that we have upgraded our servers to a high performance. This allows us to react faster and send faster signals to you. We also send all signals for all exchanges in BTC, ... 1889 views

Server change

Due to the enormous traffic, we switch to larger, faster servers. In the next few days, there may be short-term failures due to server changes. Thank you for your understanding. 1209 views

Delisted markets on bittrex

Bittrex has changed their delisting policy and they are now giving out the info 2 weeks before delisting. Previously, we did not send any signals for these markets 5 days before, regardless of ... 4820 views


if you use our API interface, please change your path to the new adress. Details under: API 3600 views

API Maintenance

Due to maintenance work on our API interface, this will not be available until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. 925 views

Deactivation HitBTC

Due to increased Api errors of the HitBTC exchange, we have to deactivate all signals from HitBTC until further notice. HitBTC issues partial errors and incorrect values. Thank you for your ... 1556 views

Guide to trade in cryptomarkets and use signals.

Please check out our Guide to trade in cryptomarkets and also using signals!
Tactics to use signals 7039 views

ETH Markets for Binance & Bittrex

We have now also added the ETH markets for Binance and Bittrex. From now on, these will also be contained regularly in the telegram signals. If you use the API and your bot supports ETH markets, you ... 2715 views

FUN, RISE delisted on Bittrex

Bittrex delisted some Altcoins on 2018-02-09. The following markets will be added to our blacklist on feb.07
We recommend that you do not trade these markets from jan. 07 2975 views

Maintenance on feb. 03-04

Because of the enormous interest in our signals and millions of request per hour on our API, we revise our api interface and optimize the caching function. This may possibly lead to short-term ... 2291 views

Why less signals sometimes?

Our signals are dependent on the current market. If this is unstable, the majority of traders are uncertain or wait to make investments, then there is naturally less change in the market or ... 8627 views

New exchange HitBTC

We have added HitBTC to our service. During the test phase, this exchange can only be seen in the history. 1706 views

MYST, APX, BTCD delisted

Bittrex delisted some Altcoins on 2018-01-26. The following markets where added to our blacklist on jan. 18 MYST, APX, BTCD
We recommend that you do not trade these markets from jan. 24 2597 views

DGD, MTL, TRIG delisted

Bittrex delisted some Altcoins on 2018-01-12. The following markets where added to our blacklist on jan. 11 DGD, MTL, TRIG
We recommend that you do not trade these markets from jan. 11 3591 views

BTC Price control

We now monitor the current BTC price. You can set a limit on how high the BTC price may go in a period, because Altcoins sink when BTC rises rapidly. Depending on your setting, no signal will be ... 1106 views

New API output selections

Now you can make optional settings for your Api output. Choose the market volume in BTC, create a blacklist for markets you do not want to export or define the Exchange. It's up to you! 946 views

Our Signals with Crypto PHP automated trading bot

MiningHamster Signals and Crypto-PHP trading bot are now connected. You can now automatically trade with our signals! Visit Crypto-PHP for more ... 2017 views

Profit calculator

Now, you can calculate the average profit based on various filter criteria with our Profit calculator 4714 views

Poloniex signals

We are now happy to also offer signals for poloniex. Currently these are only displayed online and via API output and not yet by telegram. 1714 views

XAUR, SNGLS delisted

Bittrex delisted some Altcoins on 2017-12-22. The following markets are added to our blacklist on dec 21 XAUR, SNGLS
We recommend that you do not trade these markets from dec. 21 2887 views

SAFEX delisted

Bittrex has delisted some Altcoins today. The following markets have been added to our blacklist: SAFEX
We recommend NOT trading these markets from now on! 2472 views

Blacklist: DigitalNote (XDN) & local time

We've added DigitalNote to our Blacklist. We have already changed the times in our history. Now you can see your local time of your region, instead of our server time. 3016 views

TIME, TKN delisted

Bittrex has delisted some Altcoins today. The following markets have been added to our blacklist: TIME, TKN.
We recommend NOT trading these markets from now on! 2216 views

Rollercoaster market

Due to the BTC all time high it comes to many signals and it is an up and down in most markets. In addition, at the moment most Altcoins are falling very strongly, but these will recover after the ... 9018 views